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Dianne Cassidy, MS, IBCLC, ALC, CCE

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"With your help we officially made it to one year breastfeeding. Thank you sooo much for your guidance and support. Thank you for identifying his torticollis and listening to me when I felt something was very wrong when he wouldn’t not stop crying ever.I am so grateful for you helping getting us to a good start!"


"Dianne is so knowledgeable and has such a warm spirit! Highly recommend!"



"Dianne. I love you. I am forever grateful for the amazing patience and knowledge you have. To have worked through my struggles. To believe in me. To allow me to be fragile. To be emotional. And to continue to be my cheerleader. Never did I ever think I would rely on a lactation consultant ESP being my 3rd child when I felt like a expert in the past. What a journey #3 has been for me. I am forever and ever grateful for you! You should take the time to sit back and be very proud of who you are and what you do! An amazing gift to the human soul. To feed the babies. To allow us women to feel as normal as we can while relying on you"


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If you are out of the area (more than a couple hours away, or across the world) , no worries. I can still do a consultation via Doxy, with is safe and hippa compliant.

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Call Us:  (585) 261-4834

"I found Dianne by attending babies and bumps where she was speaking and she went over myths about breastfeeding which were things I was worried about! After this I attended her breastfeeding class which went more in depth and made me feel 110% ready to breastfeed when my baby got here. Now I attend her breastfeeding support group with my babe! She is so candid and helpful, I’d highly recommend her to anyone who plans to breastfeed!! And if you’re not planning to breastfeed bc of reservations you have you definitely need to go see her bc breastfeeding is so special, just an amazing experience for you and providing your baby with nourishment that helps them their whole life!"


"She’s amazing! Without her help guidance and support I would not be successful this time around breastfeeding. She’s full of knowledge and always here to help."


Dianne Cassidy 

​(585) 261-4834 - text or phone


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