I am available to facilitate a number of professional and personal classes and consultations.
Browse my course offerings in detail below to purchase and schedule your session!

Plenty of time for questions and answers with each class!



This also includes the pre-visit consult via phone, email or text.

Video consultations are held via Doxy, which is a safe, hippa compliant telemedicine platform.




Everyone has questions about pumping, learn it all here!

Types, when, what to expect, working, we answer all the questions and have plenty of time for answers!


Postpartum Coaching helps you not just survive in the 4th trimester, but thrive as a parent. 

You will be more empowered to be the parent you want to be, the partner you want to be, and the person you want to be. 

Looking for ways to support a new mother?

Gift Certificates Available.